Available Grants

Grants Offered

Please take a moment to read the AAZK Grant Submission Guidelines for individual AAZK Grant Applications.

Please scroll down and review the Qualifications and Restrictions for AAZK Grants listed below:

The AAZK Professional Development Grant

The AAZK National Conference – Professional Member Grant

Deadline March 1

The AAZK Professional Development Grant is designed to assist AAZK members with costs associated with attending professional meetings or workshops, or, participating in field research not associated with the AAZK National Conference.

The AAZK National Conference – Professional Member Grant is designed specifically for assisting AAZK members with costs associated with attending the AAZK National Conference.

Application – AAZK Professional Development Grant

Application – AAZK National Conference – Professional Member Grant


Full-time keepers/aquarists in zoological parks and aquariums, who are professional members of AAZK in good standing, are eligible to receive individual grants.  Researchers other than zoo keepers may participate in the funded studies. The principal investigator, however, must be a keeper/aquarist.

The AAZK TFYM Restoration Grant is available to AAZK Conservation Partners, AAZK Institutional Members and non-member applicants who hold Federal Non-profit status within the US, or are an International Registered Charity.  The applicant for these AAZK Grants shall be under the direct employ of the applying entity.


AAZK will not fund any invasive biological studies, or any study that may cause an animal undue or prolonged discomfort or harm.

Allowable expenses include equipment, supplies and other costs such as library fees, computer time, etc. Expenses that are not allowed include telephone costs, animal purchases, and wages for research participants. Grant recipients shall be reimbursed for research expenses upon presentation of receipts. Only in unusual circumstances, and only with AAZK Board approval, shall grant recipients be advanced funds. In such cases receipts shall be required upon purchase.