AAZK Resource Committee (ARC)/NZKW

The AAZK Resource Committee creates, maintains, and distributes a living database of resources for chapters, members, and institutions that explore frequently asked questions and emerging issues in animal care. ARC will promote the work of animal care professionals and institutions year-round, including during National Zoo Keeper Week, through publications and social media venues. ARC will also guide AAZK chapters, highlight keepers’ contributions to conservation, and further the zoo keeping field by creating original content, graphics, and resources reflective of the needs of the membership and professional community.


To provide AAZK chapters, members, and institutions with the tools necessary for elevating the animal keeping profession and the zooquaria field as a whole.


The AAZK Resource Committee will research, identify, and assemble the necessary tools to establish AAZK members as leaders in the zoological field.

Board Oversight – Communication Team

Hardy Kern

ARC and NZKW Committee Chair

national zoo

Robin Sutker

ARC Vice-chair
Rebecca Salinas


  • Chapter Resources & Networking
  • Keeper & Member Resources
  • National Zoo Keeper Week & Social Media
  • Conference and Member Market Place

Chapter Resources and Networking Team Leader


Conference and Member Marketplace Team Leader
Keeper and Member Team Resources Leader
Rebecca Phillips


National Zookeeper Week Program Manager, NZKW and Social Media Team Leader
Kristen Scaglione

National Zookeeper Week

A component of the AAZK Resource Committee is National Zookeeper Week As the need to protect and preserve our wildlife and vanishing habitats has increased, our role as educators and wildlife ambassadors has become essential. During the third week of July each year, celebrate National Zookeeper Week; both keepers and animals deserve professional recognition.

 General Information:

National Zookeeper Week 2017 is July 16-22. This year NZKW will be highlighting the diversity of keepers and their contributions to global conservation efforts. For the most up to date information on NZKW and chapters across the country, visit AAZK on Facebook. To submit a highlight for an AAZK chapter, obtain a list of NZKW events/fundraiser ideas, or join the NZKW program team, please email the ARC Chair at robin.sutker@aazk.org.

National Zookeeper Week’s Mission:

To recognize and promote dedicated zoo and aquarium professionals year round, culminating in an annual celebration during the third week in July – National Zookeeper Week.

When is National Zookeeper Week?

National Zookeeper Week starts annually on the third Sunday of July. Remember – it’s never too early (or too late) to start planning for NZKW; check out the dates for upcoming years:

July 16-22, 2017

July 15-21, 2018

July 21-28, 2019

Representative Susan A. Davis introduced House Resolution 509 on June 21, 2007:
Expresses support for the goals and ideals of National Zookeeper Week. Recognizes the contributions zookeepers make to the care and conservation of captive exotic animals and to research, public education, and recreation. Expresses a renewed dedication to the appreciation and preservation of animal wildlife and nature and an invigorated effort to foster conservation projects and increase awareness of the need for preservation.

H. Res. 509 National Zoo Keeper Week 2007

ARC/National Zookeeper Week Resources:

NZKW 2017 Planning Packet

Why it’s Never Too Early (or Late) to Plan for NZKW – Robin Sutker

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