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2018 AAZK Conference Paper Proceedings

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AAZK Online
Animal Escape Preparedness
Animal Welfare
Better Powerpoint Presentations
BHC Enrichment Day
BHC Safety Workshop
Building Shipping Crates
Challenges and Successes of Breeding in a Large Mixed-Species Aviary
Conservation Committee
Ethical Chapter Conduct
Goal Setting
Health Management of Fishes and Amphibians
Improving Your Photography
Invert Husbandry Basics
Keeper Founded Conservation Programs
Keeper Talks Can Be Fun Seriously
Keeper to Curator
Management Adjustments to Address Aging Populations
Management Adjustments to Address Aging Populations Part 2
Mixed Species Mgt Facility Design
North Carolina Zoo Browse Program
Population Management
Proposal Writing and Evaluation
Public Relations 101
Radio Telemetry
SCUBA Diving and Rock Climbing Operations
Understanding Veterinary Communications
Wild Bird Banding


AAZK Conservation Committee
Enrichment Comparison of African Painted Dogs
Helping Harbor Seals
Introduction of Silvered langurs
Lessons in Squirrel Monkey Introductions
Leucoderma in an African Penguin
Specialized Medical Care & Husbandry for a Migratory Whooping Crane
Understanding Vocal Patterns in Tigers
Utilizing Wish Lists to Boost Animal Enrichment Programs
Videographic Study on Brown Kiwi
World Rhino Day at The Saint Louis Zoo
Zoo Atlanta and USFWS
ZooKreepers – Social Connections for the Zoo Keeper Culture
Zoo Guests Carrion On About Vultures!

Paper Sessions

AAZK 2013 Proceedings Paper Sessions

2012 Syracuse Conference Proceedings


AAZK Conservation Committee
African Wild Dog Husbandry
BHC The Shaping Police
Bird Strike Monitoring at the Philadelphia Zoo
Bringing it Home
Conservation Resources for AAZK
Farming with Pollinators
Hawk box
Humboldt Penguin Breeding Management
IAATE Position Statement-Tethering
Important Zoonotic Diseases of Zoo and Domestic Animals
Keepers as Population Managers
Keys to a successful Chapter
Monitoring Anesthesia
Nests for Native Bees Fact Sheet
Nests for Native Bees
Palm Oil Wallet Card
Plants for Native Bees
Professional Development Goal Setting
QT Protocols Enrichment and Training
Raptor Equipment
Raptor Workshop
Raptor Knot
Ungulate Restraint and Handling

Paper Sessions

A Big Trip for the Smallest Bear
Attwaters Prairie Chicken Awareness
Building Enrichment with Fourth Graders
Fecal Firming in a Female Chimpanzee
From Fear to Friend Building Trust Between Keeper and Animal Through Training
Giant Anteater Introductions Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Ease Introductions
How To Prepare Your Sea Lion For Surgery
Integrating Research and Animal Care to Support Conservation
Let me get the door for you
Managing a Reticulated Giraffe (Giraffe camelopardalis) with Allergies
Managing a Reticulated Giraffe Table1
Managing a Reticulated Giraffe Table 2
Redeveloping the Georgia Chapter of AAZK
Thirty eight years of crap
Zoo Keeper Education Survey