Animal Welfare

The AAZK Animal Welfare Committee strives to promote and advance the role of animal welfare for AAZK members.

The AAZK Animal Welfare  Committee will share techniques and knowledge via social media, online publication, articles, and presentations to provide ideas to the membership to ensure that AAZK members are at the forefront of animal welfare.


The AAZK Animal Welfare Committee serves the membership by providing relevant and current resources on behavioral husbandry topics including research, health, animal husbandry management and behavioral husbandry.  The AWC will create educational materials and offer applicable presentations to advance animal welfare.

Resources produced

  • ADTF, Animal Training Section (AAZK, 2001)
  • List of Training Terminology (AAZK/AZA Behavioral Advisory Group, 2003)
  • Training & Enrichment Bibliography (AAZK ATC & Enrichment Committees, 2001)
  • Training Workshops on Various Training Topics (AAZK National Conference Proceedings, 2001-2013)
  • Articles and Committee Updates (via Editors of the Training Tales and Enrichment Options Columns – Animal Keeper’s Forum)
  • committee web pages (2002)


  • Partner with other committees to streamline resources and efforts
  • Development of new workshops for the annual conference
  • Development of training behavior lists for taxonomic groups
  • Update the bibliography and resource lists over time
  • Surveying the membership to meet needs
  • Enhancement of this website
  • A database of bibliographies
  • AAZK Enrichment Notebook, 4th edition

Additional Information

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Enrichment Guidelines

Click below for the complete enrichment guidelines for the following groups of animals. Feel free to print, copy and distribute these guidelines as needed.

Board Oversight – Regulation Team

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