Bowling for Rhinos – Member Resources

This page will offer resources for  holding a Bowling for Rhinos event. Additional information may be obtained by contacting:

Sara Bjerklie ( – AAZK Vice President – BFR Oversight

Frank Verney – BFR Program Manager

Vacant – BFR Program Vice Manager

Brittany Mead – BFR Event Coordinator

Vacant – BFR Communications Liaison

Janel Jankowski – BFR Conservation Partner Liaison

Selenia Murillo – Conservation Resource Grant Coordinator

All Bowling for Rhinos (BFR) documents and images are the intellectual property of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) and may only be used by an AAZK Chapter or sanctioned event holder with the expressed intent or purpose in the creation of promotional materials directly associated with a BFR Event.  For more information please contact: Scott Soldat-Valenzuela, AAZK Executive Director at

BFR 2023 Event Guidelines 

7.02-3 BFR

IRS Guidance and Reporting 

Tax Exempt Organizations and Gaming

2016 Instructions for Forms W2G and 5754

Bowling for Rhinos – Promotional Brochure 

AAZK has developed an educational and Promotional Brochure regarding the AAZK Program Bowling for Rhinos. The Brochure is intended to help Chapters promote their local event.  Bulk copies may be obtained from AAZK – Contact

AAZK/BFR Logo Letterhead (blank)

AAZK BFR letterhead


2014 Jack Hanna Promotional Video

BFR Promotional Video (YouTube)

Chapter Event Media Release template  BFR-Chapter-Media-Release

Flyer template  BFR Flyer Template

BLAST template  Blast Powerpoint Image

Event Planning

A narrative on how to hold a BFR Event. BFR – Holding an Event

Detroit AAZK Chapter’s presentation on holding an event. (pdf format)


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