Bowling for Rhinos


The AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos (BFR) Program provides animal keepers of the world with an avenue to raise funds and awareness for rhino and habitat conservation.  Registration and Sanction information for AAZK Chapters and other event holders is found later in this page.


The AAZK Bowling for Rhinos Program connects dedicated individuals with conservation organizations working directly with rhino and their habitats. We provide an avenue for raising funds and awareness to support in situ programs focused on education, protection, population management, and habitat conservation.


The AAZK Bowling for Rhinos Program will unite all animal care professionals in raising awareness and funds for the conservation of rhino and their habitats.

AAZK realized that the animal keepers of the world were extremely conservation oriented and wanted to help save rhinos and their habitats, yet did not have the financial resources themselves to make any significant impact. That’s when the idea came to start a national bowl-a-thon called Bowling For Rhinos.

These fundraisers are organized by volunteers, who donate their time and organizational skills to help raise money to send directly to the places in need. Since all the people involved are volunteers, 100% of all event proceeds and online donations are sent directly to these in situ rhino conservation areas.

AAZK Bowling for Rhinos Conservation Resource Grant

Visit the BFR CRG Page for more information


AAZK’s Bowling For Rhinos has broken the $8 million mark and until 2020 with Covid-19 impacting zoo and aquariums across the globe, we have continued to meet our goal of raising approximately $500,000 per year. This year will be an especially difficult year for AAZK BFR and our BFR Conservation Partners in Asia and Africa. With our AAZK Chapters and individual donors AAZK continues will continue make a significant difference in rhino and multi-species conservation during these difficult times.

Total BFR Funds Raised from 1990 to Date:


$52, 431.08 – 2020 Funds Raised

Individuals may make a donation to AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos by Donate Today button. Individual donations may be attributed to a sanctioned AAZK Chapter event by selecting the Chapter name from the drop down menu within the donation form. Donors may also honor an individual by entering the name into the comment field.



Board Oversight – Conservation Team

Sara Bjerklie

BFR Program Contacts for Sanctioned Event Holders

AAZK BFR Program Manager – Vacant

BFR Team

Matt Mills – Vice Manager

Lisa Haggadone – BFR Event Coordinator

Jacqueline Weeks – BFR Communications Liaison

Stephanie Miller – BFR Conservation Partner Liaison

Selenia Murillo – Conservation Resource Grant Coordinator

BFR Fund Distribution

AAZK-BFR 2019 Accounting

AAZK-BFR 2018 Accounting

AAZK-BFR 2017 Accounting

AAZK-BFR 2016 Accounting

AAZK-BFR 2015 Accounting


In order to receive Sanction for a BFR Event, the BFR Event Holder shall annually pay the $25.00 (USD) Registration Fee and register their event with AAZK by completing the BFR Event Information Form by May 1 of each calendar year.

Please click on the Form below:

 2020 BFR Event Registration Form

The Information Form is a two-part document:

Part 1 is the event information (dates, location, contact information etc).
Part 2 is to nominate the Anna Merz Rhino Champion – a dedicated individual who will be selected by random drawing to win a trip to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Africa.

Completion of the BFR Event Registration Form and payment of the BFR Registration Fee fee by May 1 shall cause the AAZK Chapter to be sanctioned by AAZK and the BFR Event shall receive a BFR Event Kit which contains the Guidelines and Forms required to hold a sanctioned BFR Event.  The BFR Registration (Sanction) fee covers a portion of the administrative costs so that 100% of all event profits and donations can go directly to rhino conservation.

AAZK Chapters – Please do not utilize the “Donation” button on the Home page to forward event monies or registration fees.

BFR Event the Registration Fee $25.00 (USD – payable to AAZK) shall be set to:

8476 E Speedway Blvd
Suite 204
Tucson, AZ  85710-1728

Note: AAZK Chapters – May also phone the AAZK Office to make a Registration Fee payment at (520) 298-9688 or contact

 At the conclusion of the BFR Event funds in the form of a check (payable to AAZK/BFR) shall be sent to:

8476 E Speedway Blvd
Suite 204
Tucson, AZ  85710-1728

Top Fundraisers – Bowling for Rhinos 2019

Wendy Rice – Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Lewa trip winner
Pamela Robie – Jacksonville Zoo Chapter,  Indonesia trip winner
Jennifer Jeffords  – Oklahoma City Zoo AAZK Chapter, Lewa trip winner
Lauren Ayres-Martinez – San Diego AAZK Chapter, Indonesia trip winner

Anna Merz Rhino Champion Award
Stephanie Earhart – Georgia AAZK Chapter

Top Chapter Fundraisers – 2019

Greater Cincinnati AAZK Chapter
Oklahoma City Zoo AAZK Chapter
Jacksonville Zoo AAZK Chapter
San Diego AAZK Chapter

Top Ten BFR Chapters: 1990 to 2019

Los Angeles AAZK Chapter – $450,057.86

Oklahoma City AAZK Chapter – $373,422.06

Portland AAZK Chapter – $339,307.16

San Diego AAZK Chapter –  $318,163.91

Dallas AAZK Chapter – $297,302.91

Utah AAZK Chapter –  $285,856.24

Detroit AAZK Chapter $228,966.33

Lincoln Park Chapter $220,273.74

Indianapolis AAZK Chapter $207,418.70

Jacksonville AAZK Chapter $193,013.53