Guidelines for Chapter Formation

Applications for Chapter Charter will be considered by AAZK Board of Directors from members of AAZK who wish to organize at recognized zoological parks and aquariums, animal care facilities or University/College. These institutions and facilities are defined as:

Recognized Zoological Park and Aquarium – permanent establishments open to, and administered for the public; primarily, to provide education, recreation, and cultural enjoyment through the exhibition, conservation and preservation of captive wildlife.

Animal Care Facility – an organized and stationary institution set up by the State or municipal government or local administrations, public trusts, or registered scientific societies which own and maintain captive wild animals under the direction of professional staff, provides appropriate care for the purpose of conservation and breeding of threatened and endangered animals, scientific studies, and exhibits to the public for the purposes of education and recreation on a regular, scheduled basis.

University/College – a permanent institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.

The following document has been created by the AAZK Resource Committee to give an overview of how to form an AAZK Chapter.

How to Form an AAZK Chapter