Statement on the AAZK National Conference – 2021

AAZK National Conference – Los Angeles CA

August 29, 2021 – September 2, 2021

While the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic rages around all of us, AAZK is attempting to finalize the model of learning that will be the AAZK Conference in 2021. At this moment in time, restrictions on public assembly in the state of California would cause the cancelation of the 2021 event. For this reason AAZK is planning for a virtual event with hopes that with vaccination rollout and relaxation of public gatherings forecast in the future may present the opportunity for AAZK to actually offer a hybrid learning event, a combination of in-person meetings and presentations with distance learning via a digital educational platform.
With the scheduled conference being 7 months in the future, AAZK is balancing what is known against the unknown and planning for both, with the strong desire to present an educational forum for our membership in uncertain times and to bring back a sense of professional normalcy. Where this will lead AAZK is to a point in the near future where a final decision must be made so that all efforts can be shifted to producing a successful and educational program for the membership.
Stayed tuned to this venue with an eye towards AAZK Social Media outlets for more information on the National Conference in 2021.