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Animal Keepers Association of Africa

An African network for ethical and competent animal keepers.

Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents

A volunteer organization dedicated to educating children of all ages about the need for saving wildlife.

AZA Wildlife Contraception Center

There you can find details on the program, specific recommendations on products and who the advisory board members are. There are also details on the Wildlife Contraception Book.

Cambridge Center

The Cambridge Center’s mission: to advance the scientific study of behavior and its humane application to the solution of practical problems, including the prevention and relief of human suffering. The Pets, Zoos and Animals section of the web site demons

Common Marmoset Care

An interactive site with information on common marmoset behaviour and how best to provide care in captivity – for private owners, researchers, educators, zoo and laboratory professionals

Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG)

CBSG’s mission is to save threatened species by increasing the effectiveness of conservation efforts worldwide.

Endangered Species International

At Endangered Species International, we are strongly committed to reversing the trend of human induced species extinction and preserving their vital ecosystems.

Feline Conservation Center

Home to over 70 of the world’s most endangered felines, EFBC’s Feline Conservation Center is a breeding zoo and research facility.

Get to Know Your Wild Neighbors

Built on research and supported by a diverse array of educators, organizations, governments, and corporations, the Get to Know Program has been inspiring connections between youth and nature in Canada for nearly a decade.

International Crane Foundation

The International Crane Foundation (ICF) commits to a future where all crane species are secure – a future where people cooperate to protect and restore wild populations and their ecosystems. These efforts sustain the places where cranes live, to the bene

Shape of Enrichment

The Shape of Enrichment was founded in 1991 as a partnership to further animal enrichment efforts worldwide.

SOS Rhino

As a branch of the non-profit Rhinoceros Reproduction Program, SOS Rhino is dedicated to the research, people, programs, and organizations involved with the preservation and conservation of the highly endangered rhinoceros species.