AAZK BFR – Conservation Resource Grant




The American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) is pleased to announce the call for proposals for the Bowling for Rhinos Conservation Resource Grant. This competitive grant is awarded annually to a project focused on research and conservation benefiting rhino, their ecosystems, or the communities supporting them. This grant is made possible by the Conservation Resource Fund supported through AAZK’s signature event, Bowling for Rhinos.

Successful proposals will reflect AAZK values and meet award criteria in one of four categories:

1.    In-situ Rhino Conservation and Research – field research or conservation project focusing on African or Asian rhino species
2.    In-situ Community, Educational, or Medical Program – community education, school support or medical programs in Africa or Asia
3.    In-situ Species Conservation – field research or conservation project that focuses on any species sharing the same ecosystem with Javan,        Sumatran, Black, or White Rhino
4.    Ex-situ Rhino Conservation and Research – zoological research project on a rhino species that partners with a rhino conservation entity operating in Asia or Africa, combined with a tangible benefit to an in-situ conservation project

You must submit the following items:

  1. AAZK Bowling for Rhinos Conservation Resource Grant application form, completed in English (3 pages maximum)
  2. Your resume (3 pages maximum)
  3. Unless you are the Executive Director, a letter of recommendation from the executive director of your zoo or conservation organization, and/or a letter from an Advisor if you are a student

You need not be an AAZK member or affiliated with AAZK in order to apply, however preference may be given to AAZK Members or Conservation Partners.

The amount of funding available is based on a percentage of the annual Bowling for Rhinos funds raised.  Specific fund availability can be obtained by contacting Maryann.Cisneros@AAZK.org

Bowling for Rhino – Conservation Resource Grant Application

Award announcements will be made on July 1st.