Veterinary Schools with Exotic Animal Programs

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Veterinary Medicine

3505 Veterinary Medicine Basic Sciences Building
2001 South Lincoln Avenue
Urbana, IL 61802
They have a teaching hospital which has a wildlife rescue center. They also deal with the occasional exotic; e.g. tigers or bears.

Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine

112 Trotter Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-5601
(785) 532-6011
An excellent teaching hospital offering plenty of exotic animal experience. They take care of the animals at Sunset, Topeka, and Rolling Hills zoos.

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Clinics
Skip Bertman Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
(225) 578-9600
FAX (225) 578-9559
Teaching hospital with an exotic animal program.

Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Office of the Dean
G100 Vet Med Center
East Lansing, MI 48824-1314
PH: 517-355-6509
FAX: 517-432-1037
Teaching hospital with exotic animal specialty. They work with the Potter Park zoo.

Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

Stillwater, OK 74078
Zoo, Exotics, and Wildlife program. They work with the Tulsa and Oklahoma City zoos.

Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine

PO Box 647012
Pullman, Washington 99164-7012
(509) 335-1532
FAX (509) 335-6133
The teaching hospital offers exotic animal services.