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Zookeeper, Entomology (Part-Time)


Houston Zoo

Closing Date
July 15, 2019

This position is ideal for an experienced entomology zookeeper that has hands on experience at supporting the day-to-day operations associated with the husbandry and the maintenance of exhibits within the specified area.

Our Mission: Houston Zoo connects communities with animals, inspiring action to save wildlife.
Our Vision: Houston Zoo will be a leader in the global movement to save wildlife.

-Carries out all aspects of the daily care of assigned animals including cleaning, feeding, exhibit maintenance, general upkeep of support facilities.
-Maintains clean and organized exhibits, equipment, and keeper areas.
-Maintains water quality through filtration, balance of chemical elements, and sanitation methods for aquatic or semi-aquatic animal species.
-Maintains live exhibit plantings to enhance exhibit aesthetics and provide a comfortable environment for animals; eliminates weeds and toxic plants from animal enclosures.
-In conjunction with the Zoo’s pest control officer, may assist in pest control through the use of exclusion or traps.
-Prepares and feeds appropriate diets as per established feeding practices and diet sheets.
-Administers prescribed medications, supplements, or treatments under the guidance of the veterinary and supervisory staff.
-Records and reports any abnormal animal health or behavioral issues to the supervisor.
-Maintains daily reports, logs, research or veterinary records, as appropriate and according to established guidelines; requires basic skills with Microsoft Office software applications.
-Understands and applies a practical understanding of operant conditioning as it relates to the daily management of species under his/her care.

Education and Pre-requisites

 Two-year or four-year degree in one of the natural sciences or a closely related discipline is preferred.
 A certificate of completion from an acceptable animal care program of not less than 30 semester hours is preferred

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