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Zookeeper 400


Potter Park Zoo

Closing Date
June 28, 2019

General Summary: Under the supervision of the Zoo Director and Animal Care Supervisor provides a wide range of skilled work involving the care of animals. Maintains detailed, hand-written and electronic records. Cares for a variety of animals. Uses a variety of techniques to capture and move animals when required. Provides direction to visitors at the facility and educates the public at formal talks. Cleans animal holding areas and operates a wide range of animal care equipment. Must always strive to maintain best practices as established by AZA and exceed USDA guidelines.

Essential Functions:
1.Performs a wide range of skilled work for the care of animals at the zoo. This may include diet preparation, diet distribution, feeding, bathing, grooming,providing enrichment, operant conditioning, welfare assessments, transportation, exhibit inspections, research, cleaning (raking, sweeping, hosing, scrubbing, etc.) and administering medicine.
2.Provides daily assessment of health and behavior of animals in assigned animal area. All concerns regarding animal care and zoo policies reported to a supervisor immediately.
3.Maintains detailed, hand written and electronic records regarding the care of animals and work assignment progress as directed.
4.Interacts positively with the public, co-workers, and volunteers including responding to animal inquiries verbally and in writing, leading educational talks and tours as scheduled by the Animal Care Supervisor.
5.Assists animal health staff and zookeeper 500 in the planning of births, care of new-born animals, animal holding, capture, restraint, and transportation as necessary.
6.Serves on committees as assigned by the Animal Care Supervisor.
7.Responds to emergency situations as necessary and keeps up to date on all facility protocols and procedures.
8.Stays current in knowledge of areas pertaining to animal husbandry and welfare inorder to maintain best husbandry and welfare practices as required by AZA. This may be accomplished through text books, online, verbally with other institutions and/or by seeking out professional development courses, workshops and job shadows.

Other Functions:
1. Performs other duties as assigned.
2. Must adhere to departmental standards in regard to HIPAA and other privacy issues.
3. During a public health emergency, the employee may be required to perform duties similar to, but not limited, to those in his/her job description.
4. Adheres to work rules and behavioral expectations stated in the employee manual.

Education and Pre-requisites

Employment Qualifications:

Education: A minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent with one (1) year of college level course work in animal husbandry is required.

Experience: A minimum of two (2) years of experience in the care of animals and the maintenance of facilities is required. AZA accredited facility experience preferred

Compensation and benefits

This is a full-time, union position. Salary is $36,920/year with set step increases for 8 years.

Application instructions

To apply for this position please go to: and click on the “Apply for jobs here” button.

Applications will only be accepted through the Ingham County Jobs website – please do not contact the zoo regarding this position.