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Closing Date
May 10, 2019

The City of Panama City Beach is seeking a highly motivated and innovative individual to serve in the position of Seasonal Zoo Keeper at Zoo World; a beautiful five-acre facility. This position will care for exotic animals in different areas with a concentration with hoofstock, birds and reptiles. As part of the Zoo World Team, you will be required to work a schedule across a 7-day week, including weekends and holidays, and perform highly physical work on a daily basis. Depending on the vacancy, candidate may be assigned to different areas of the zoo.
Feed and care for exotic zoo animals and clean and maintain animal enclosures. Prepare regular and special diets to feed animals. Feed and water animals. Properly clean, disinfect and maintain cages, enclosures and exhibit areas as needed to standard. Maintain safety of animals. Monitor animal health and well-being. Report animal illness or injury to appropriate staff. Assist senior staff as needed with administering medications, providing treatment and restraining. Assist with behavior modification and enrichment programs for animals. Provide assistance to other zoo staff and to the public. Identify maintenance problems and resolve or report as necessary. Document animal’s records with accuracy.

Education and Pre-requisites

High school graduate or equivalent required. Bachelor’s degree or college coursework in relevant biological field or equivalent combination of training and experience preferred. Minimum six months animal care facility, farm, kennel, or equivalent animal experience preferred. Candidate must possess an understanding of practical principles of animal behavior and ability to work with live animals safely. Knowledge of natural history, zoology, or animal husbandry preferred. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
Good interpersonal and communications skills. Must be able to interact with guests in a courteous and professional manner. Must be able to learn and integrate information, knowledge, and direction quickly. Must be reliable and show initiative. Must be capable of dealing with emergencies calmly and efficiently. Experience and/or ability to work and interact effectively with a diverse, multicultural audience. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and walk long distances.
Experience with birds including restraint and beak, feather, and nail trims.
Experience with herptiles including handling, heating, soaking, and feeding.
Basic knowledge in operant conditioning and positive reinforcement training.

Compensation and benefits

Based on skill level and prior experience.

Application instructions

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