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Summer Intern for African Hoof Stock


B Bryan Preserve

Closing Date
March 2, 2019

Summer internship opportunity starting June 1 to work with large herds of Sable, Roan and Greater Kudu antelope, Grevy’s Zebra and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra. Throw in 5 male Northern Giraffe, Black Wildebeest and Cape Buffalo and you have an exciting African hoof stock internship opportunity.

Daily husbandry duties include:

✴ Cleans and maintains enclosures; removes animal excrement and food remnants.

✴ Prepares food for animals; regulates and distributes food once prepared; loads and unloads foodstuffs; leaves grounds to go cut browse.

✴ Conduct visitor tours twice a day as needed

✴ Observes behavior of animals on both a day-to-day and long-term basis; notes any unusual behavior, signs of illness or injury, change in appetite, start of breeding cycle, or lack of compatibility with group members and reports information.

✴ Assist Lead Keeper as needed for training

✴ Assist/observe veterinary procedures when required

Education and Pre-requisites

Experience in working with large African hoof stock in zoological setting preferred.

Compensation and benefits

$150/week stipend plus housing. Internship starts June 1 and last through Labor Day weekend

Application instructions

email cover letter and resume in PDF format to by March 2, 2019. No phone calls please.