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Full Time Zookeeper – Penguins


Brights Zoo

Closing Date
August 1, 2022

Brights Zoo is located in the foothills of east Tennessee. We are a ZAA accredited facility. The zoo itself covers 103 acres and houses over 120 species of animals.

Brights Zoo is looking to add a team member that would work in our Penguin Cove. This position is for the daily care of African Black Footed Penguins, Fennec Fox, Water Monitor, Asian Small Clawed Otters, Giant Anteater, Aldabra Tortoise, Flamingos, Rhino Iguana, Red Tail Boa and Burmese Python.

Specific duties of this position:
• Daily care and management of the animal collection in Penguin Cove
• The ability to maintain the facilities
• Daily care and management of programs within the animal collection
• Accurate record keeping
• Routine facilities cleaning, monitoring and maintenance
• Assist with animal medical and management procedures as needed
• Provide information to other departments as needed
• Handle and restrain animals during animal management procedures
• Provide inventory information on animal feeds
• Regular and dependable attendance is required.
• Assist or lead in hand rearing of penguin chicks
• Able to lift and carry 50 pounds.
• Maintain a professional working attitude with all other staff.
• Some public speaking
• Training with penguins (for encounters or paintings)

Education and Pre-requisites

Candidates should have at least two years working in a zoological institution as well as 2 years working with penguins.

High School Diploma

Compensation and benefits

$31,500 to $37,440 – based on experience

Employer matching retirement plan
Paid time off
Health Insurance

Application instructions

To apply please fill out the application located on our web site at