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Exotic Feline Internship – 3 & 6 months


Panther Ridge Conservation Center

Closing Date
September 17, 2022

Panther Ridge Conservation Center offers 3-month internships and for the right individual it may be extended to 6 months. We are a ZAA accredited non profit organization dedicated to providing exceptional care for the animals in our collection, all the while supporting conservation efforts in Africa and Asia. Although we are not currently open to the general public, we provide educational private tours conducted by all staff. Panther Ridge is currently home to 25 cats including Cheetah, Leopard, Jaguar, Puma, Clouded Leopard, Fishing Cat, Ocelot, Serval, and Caracal and we are rapidly growing. Check out our website at to learn more. Panther Ridge is located in Loxahatchee Groves in South Florida – 30 min southwest of West Palm Beach, 20 min from the ocean and 1.5 hours from Miami.

Education and Pre-requisites

Responsibilities Include:
• Diet and meat preparation
• Cleaning, disinfecting and general maintenance of enclosures
• Animal interactions/training/enrichment
• Animal observation to monitor health and well-being
• Landscaping/special projects
• Assisting with veterinary care if needed
• Providing daily creative enrichment
• Public interactions with guests in a courteous and professional manner
• Follow safety procedures, be reliable and show initiative

Requirements Include:
• A degree in biology, zoological or a related field
• Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
• At least 3 months previous carnivore experience preferred
• Interpersonal and communication skills
• Physically fit with the ability to crawl, run, climb and lift at least 60 lbs.
• Ability to work in the Florida weather conditions for extended periods of time
• Must work all holidays and weekends
• Ability to stand/walk for 6-8 hours each day
• Must be a hard working, self-motivated individual
Must work well with others and be a team player

Compensation and benefits

We have free housing available for 2 interns on site and offer a $200/month stipend. An increase in stipend is offered for 6 month interns. All tour tips can be kept as well. No pets are allowed in the intern house. Interns will work 6 days a week and must be up to date on vaccinations including tetanus and be TB negative.

Application instructions

Please send resume, cover letter, a letter of recommendation and 3 references to the Head Keeper –