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Carnivore/Primate Intern


Tiger World in Rockwell, NC

Closing Date
September 23, 2019

Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve is located just 20 minutes North of Charlotte, NC and has animals including Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Lemurs, Baboons, Bears and more. We have available 3-month Intern positions throughout the year including for the FALL, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER 2019/2020. Need FALL Applicants now! If you have always wanted an opportunity to work with these amazing animals please apply. We work with many other zoological institutions and help provide good job opportunities.

Interns will have the opportunity to gain practical work experience and knowledge caring for Bears, Primates, and Big Cats. Under close supervision you will learn how to prepare diets, clean habitats, observe and document, implement enrichment, repair and build enclosures, give guided tours to visitors, assist with veterinary care, crate animals for transport and more. There are opportunities for extending the internship to six [6] months and more advanced learning depending upon your commitment, dedication, and how well you work with the team and animals.

Education and Pre-requisites

1. Candidates should have at least two (2) years of program studies in zoology, animal management, biology, exotic animal husbandry or a related field. Applicants who have already achieved their bachelors is a plus.
2. Must be able to do some heavy lifting of at least 50 pounds.
3. Must be able to work in unfavorable weather conditions including rain, snow, extreme heat, and freezing temperatures.
4. Must have a positive attitude, a good work ethic and arrive to work on time and work late if necessary.
5. Must be able to follow instructions and required policies and procedures.
6. Must be honest, trustworthy and organized.
7. Must have valid driver’s license and social security card or if from outside the US, a Green Card and Visa, or Visa Waiver Program.
8. One [1] letter of reference/recommendation
9. Unofficial or official school transcript and/or a copy of your degree.
10. Up-to-date vaccinations including for Tetanus and be TB Negative.

Compensation and benefits

This is an unpaid voluntary position, however housing and a weekly stipend of $50 will be provided. The use of the company vehicle is available after work. We also evaluate the Interns for future employment opportunities with Tiger World.

This internship is not affiliated with a college or university for credit hours, however some colleges and universities have recognized Tiger World to fulfill internship requirements. It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine if your college or university recognizes Tiger World’s Intern studies program.

Application instructions

Please send your Resumé and Cover Letter to and please also send your letter of recommendation and transcripts. We also enjoy pictures of your past experiences with your application. Please specify the 3 month time frame you will be available for the internship. We carefully evaluate all applicants and will call for interviews over the phone. Good Luck!