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Carnivore Keeper


Project Survival’s Cat Haven

Closing Date
June 30, 2020

Project Survival’s Cat Haven, is a 501c3 non-profit, located in Dunlap, CA. We specialize in education and are engaged in both captive and range country conservation.

Project Survival’s Cat Haven is looking for a motivated individual to join our small team. We house 37 exotic cats, from Pallas Cat to Lions, a minimum of 2 years of felid husbandry is required. Preference will be given to those applicants with Ambassador Cat experience. This position requires an individual with a high degree of professional experience who takes pride in work well done. Must be a team player, and team member. The priorities for this position include attention to animal care and health, fostering a positive team environment, and accomplishing an excellent guest experience.

Essential Job Functions
-Daily husbandry; including feeding, cleaning, diet preparation, administering medication as prescribed by Vet staff, enrichment, training, cage maintenance and repair, and daily records.
-Handling and training of our Ambassador Cat Collection, including Cheetah, Lynx, Serval and Caracal.
-Exceptional use of time management skills.
-Provide regular updates to management staff on the condition and health of the cats.
-Perform other duties as assigned.

The hired candidate will work a full time, four-day work week, and be expected to work weekends, evenings and holidays. The Cat Haven is located in a remote location, right outside of Kings Canyon National Park. The facility sites on a lower ridge, and paths are dirt, and at a steep incline. Local flora and fauna include rattlesnakes, tarantulas, wasps, and poison oak. Temperatures vary from dry, 100 degree plus days in the summer, to wet and freezing temperatures in the winter. Must be able to lift 50#.

Education and Pre-requisites

2 year experience with Large Cats

Cat Ambassador experience preferred

Compensation and benefits

Based on experience

Application instructions

Interested candidates can send a resume, cover letter and three references to

For further information on our facility, visit, or our Instagram at pscathaven.

Please, no phone calls.