Job Postings

Animal Keeper (Gorillas)

Closing Date: 05/29/2019
Facility: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
An Animal Keeper possesses a proven working knowledge of animal husbandry, a strong conservation ethic, exceptional interpersonal skills and strong leadership abilities to provide high quality care for assigned areas.


There is an Animal Keeper-Gorillas position available in the Primate, Cat and Aquatics (PCA) area of the zoo. The person who takes this position will need to be skilled in dealing with certain area specific responsibilities that include: working closely with Conservation and Science on approved research projects involving animals in the areas, superior working knowledge of non-human primate behavior, social, enrichment, and training needs, keeping current and functional on all jobs within the Primate and Cat areas, superior computer skills in the documentation of animal health records, enrichment, and training records, cooperating with and taking work direction from supervisory and non-supervisory staff, maintaining or initiating training regiments of animals, and other functions as assigned by supervisors. The Animal Keeper job duties will include gorillas and other areas within PCA as assigned. Gorilla or other great ape animal care experience preferred.

I. Husbandry
• Provides food, water, medications, and supplements as indicated by schedules, prescriptions, or diet boards. To include loading and unloading animal feeds, hay, bedding, and animal care supplies.
• Completes and reviews daily activity reports, diet consumption reports, behavior and/or training records, enrichment records, or any other written documentation on assigned animals.
• Cleans, maintains, and disinfects animal enclosures and service areas.
• Observes individual animals daily and reports animal behavior, appearance, fecal conditions, and unique characteristics.
• Performs proper restraint techniques for crating, transferring, or veterinary procedures.
• Monitors, reports, and performs pest control in assigned areas.
• Prepares and continually enhances animal areas for aesthetic, reproductive, behavior, and animal safety (i.e. perching material, nest boxes, “furniture”, live or artificial plants, etc).
• Samples and records water analysis.
• Provides continual environmental enrichment by approved methods.
• Trains assigned animals for husbandry and enrichment.
• Responds to hazardous or potentially unsafe situations by taking corrective action and promptly notifying supervisory staff.

II. Conservation and Science
• Participates in ex situ and/or in situ conservation initiatives (i.e., public education, marketing, AAZK activities, etc.)
• Supports, accommodates, and/or participates in on-ground research initiatives (i.e., systematic record-keeping, behavior observations, sample collections, etc.)
• Possesses knowledge of research and conservation initiatives in nature and in zoos. This may include Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s involvement, AZA’s, or any organization within his or her area of interest or expertise.

III. Interpersonal Skills
• Communicates regularly with peers and managers concerning matters of animal care, safety, and work schedules.
• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with co-workers (i.e. keepers, education, maintenance, marketing, volunteers) and the public.
• Understands and follows verbal and written instructions.
• Demonstrates initiative, dependability, teamwork, resourcefulness, good judgment, a positive attitude, and common sense.
• Voices concerns constructively.
• Participates in assigned task forces.

Other Functions:
• Works assigned shifts any day of the week.
• Performs related duties as apparent or assigned
• Reports maintenance issues through the use of work orders.
• Attends scheduled meetings.
• Operates a motor vehicle and other mechanical tools and equipment (i.e. hand tools, computers, incubators, etc…).
• Assist in the training of seasonal employees.
• Supports the mission statement of the zoo and established animal care programs.
• Carries out duties and responsibilities in a safe and efficient manner to maintain a safe work environment and surrounding area for oneself, animals, co-workers, and public.