Job Postings

Animal Caregiver


International Primate Protection League Gibbon Sanctuary, Summerville, South Carolina

Closing Date
September 28, 2020

IPPL’s gibbon sanctuary is kept on 47 acres of land, mostly wooded. We have 34 gibbons and 6 Asian short clawed otters. Most are retired from lives as pets or in research facilities. The work involves daily care and occasional work with our off-site veterinarian who comes here if any animal has a health problem.
We are looking to build a roster of potential employees for after the current emergency situation here. All gibbons are well at present and the care staff are given masks and gloves and their temperatures are taken daily.
Work includes cleaning of gibbon houses and food preparation and delivery. There will also be some weekend and evening work.

Education and Pre-requisites

Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology or related field. Preferably several years of experience with primates or other wild animals.

Compensation and benefits

To be determined.

Application instructions

Read the International Primate Protection League web site to meet the gibbons and follow our organization’s Facebook page. Send a letter (preferably a Word document) describing why you feel you would be a good candidate to care for rescued gibbons to or
The IPPL mailing address is Jobs, IPPL POB 766, Summerville SC 29484.