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Animal Caregiver II – Primate


Black Beauty Ranch

Closing Date
April 26, 2023

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation’s most effective animal advocacy organization, is seeking an Animal Caregiver II – Primates for our Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch (CABBR) in Murchison, TX. The sanctuary provides a permanent home to more than 800 domestic and exotic animals, with over 40 species.

Purpose of Position:

To provide exceptional care to a variety of small primates such as macaques, gibbons, capuchins, and marmosets.


Prepare and administer proper diets for each species of primate, including a variety of fruits and vegetables, and protein sources including insects.
Perform daily cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures and habitats. This may include mowing, weed eating, scrubbing floors and walls, disposing of animal waste/compost, washing dishes and enrichment items.
Comply with our non-contact and protected contact policies, PPE requirements, and safety requirements.
Ensure animals are safe, comfortable, and receive the best possible care.
Help team develop and provide stimulating enrichment for afore mentioned species of NH primates.
Apply operant conditioning & positive reinforcement to prepare animals for anxiety-free sanctuary living and to address specific behavioral needs.
Accurately and effectively administer treatments and medications, as directed, and communicate with supervisor or DVM.
Assist the Veterinary team with animal restraint, transport, and medical procedures.
Be able to respond to detailed instructions during an emergency and handle unpredictable and sometimes dangerous primate interactions.
Cross train with other departments – Equine or Wildlife, to ensure proper coverage for care of all animals.
Performs other duties or responsibilities, as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent required.
A minimum of one (1) year of experience in animal care required. Three (3) years of experience preferred.
Good observational and organizational skills including verbal and written communication.
Ability to follow written directions and record observations.
A valid driver’s license is required, and a clean driving record is strongly preferred, with the ability to demonstrate and maintain a safe driving record while employed.
Must have or be able to obtain and maintain up-to-date rabies prophylaxis and Tuberculosis titer.
Attention to detail and commitment to excellence demonstrated by the delivery of quality and timely outcomes.
Strong interest in animal protection issues preferred.

Education and Pre-requisites

Not specified.

Compensation and benefits

40 hours per week / $16.30+ per hour and full benefits package

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