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Animal Care Taker


The Wild Animal Park

Closing Date
December 15, 2019

The Wild Animal Park is seeking an enthusiastic and progressive team member to join our Animal Care Taker Team as a full-time Animal Care Keeper.
The Animal Care Taker maintains the welfare of The Wild’s assigned animal collection and its environment in accordance with the USDA ,DEC’s, and our standards which includes applying daily operant conditioning and behavioral modification techniques, progressing animal husbandry, and interacting with the public to enhance guest experience.
Successful candidates will possess professionalism and excellent communication, decision making, and organizational skills. This team member must be creative, dedicated, and a self-motivated team player to function effectively in a team environment and who is willing to make a significant commitment to the organization.
Our new team member will have the opportunity to develop a career in an innovative and dynamic environment. The ideal candidate must have the ability to accept challenges, demonstrate adaptability and desire to grow, follow the lead of management and zoological goals, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced work environment, and must value fun.
Position Summary:
Reports directly to an Animal Care Manager.
The Animal Care Taker is a front-line staff position responsible for the daily care and behavioral management of any and all animals at The Wild.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Perform cleaning, renovations, and maintenance of assigned animal habitats, support areas, and equipment.

• Participate with the daily behavioral husbandry and operant conditioning of animal collection.
• Support daily animal enrichment and documentation to promote, encourage and evaluate natural and engaging behaviors.
• Observe, monitor, and report animal behavior changes and medical concerns.
• Execute daily guest chats and animal training demonstrations while maintaining a superior level of showmanship.
• Provide professional, courteous, educational, and exceptional guest service.
• Adhere to all industry and government regulations regarding animal acquisition, handling, husbandry, record keeping, cleanliness/sanitation, and animal health. 

• Comply with safety policies, practices, and procedures.
• Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve departmental and organization goals.

• Collaborate with other departments within the park.
• Perform other duties as assigned and as workload necessitates.
General Skills:
• General knowledge of zoo animal husbandry and observational skills.
• Proven ability in the use of operant conditioning techniques.
• Ability to work with potentially dangerous animals.
• Must be capable of emergency response handling to avoid injury to self, others, and animal.
• Ability to remain calm and professional in the event of an unpredictable situation and follow through until situation is over.
• Must represent The Wild Animal Park in a professional manner, and act accordingly at all times.
• Ability to speak in public and give animal presentations to public both informally and formally.
• Possess strong observational skills.
• Must have strong organizational skills.
• Ability to articulate and record observations intelligently.
• Ability to give and comprehend and communicate accurately, clearly and concisely written and oral instructions, and to accurately carry out such instructions.
• Must be a motivated self-starter who needs minimal supervision.
• Ability to work with others in a team setting.
Working Conditions:
• Standing, walking, twisting, climbing, crawling, kneeling, reaching motions, lifting (up to 50#)
• Exposure to extreme heat, chemicals and dust/airborne materials.
• Works with potentially dangerous animals (large ungulates, carnivores, venomous snakes)
• Holiday, evening, weekend work required. Available on as needed basis for emergencies and events.
• Travel opportunities for occasional conference and workshop if funding available. Some or all expenses paid.

Education and Pre-requisites

Minimum Qualifications:
• Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, Biology, Animal Science or other related degree OR equivalent of at least two years of exotic animal care experience.
• Highly professional, motivated, forward thinking individual who will build positive working relationships while demonstrating sensitivity to the “mission” of the Zoo.
• Ability to effectively communicate with all staff levels, Board, senior and middle management, donors, volunteers and guests.
• Analytical, interpersonal, public relations, presentation and communication skills both verbal and written.

Compensation and benefits

$12-14, depends on experience.

Application instructions

To apply for this position:

Qualified applicants must send cover letter, resume and three (3) professional references to:
Ashley Rounds, Zoo Director, The Wild Animal Park, 7621 Lakeport Road, Chittenango, NY 13037 or by e-mail: