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American Association of Zoo Keepers – Executive Director

The American Association of Zoo Keepers is a membership association for animal care professionals to exchange information and network with one another.

American Association of Zoo Keepers
Executive Director

$45,000/Annual or TBD Based on Experience

General Responsibilities
The Executive Director of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) is employed at the discretion of the AAZK Board of Directors. The Executive Director is directly responsible for all financial aspects of AAZK which includes financial management of AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos and Trees for You and Me programs, along with member management, payroll management, website management, AAZK product housing, development and distribution. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the operation of a federal 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which includes the supervision of 116 (current) subordinate Chapters and their membership, the charter process and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax filings. Knowledge of IRS policies and regulations as applied to federal non-profits and their subordinates along with Canadian Registered Charities is a priority. The Executive Director currently supervises three (3) employees who work remotely in two different states who compile and produce the Animal Keepers’ Forum monthly journal and who manage professional development and AAZK Conferences.

Preferred Experience
● Previous operation of a federal non-profit or corporation is preferred
● Basic website knowledge of WordPress®
● Proficiency in Google® Office Suite and all MS Office® software systems
● Proficiency in Adobe Acrobat including conversion/editing of documents to fillable
● Knowledge and proficiency in financial/accounting software

Closing Date: 01 March 2023

Cover letter, application detailing required experience and résumé may be submitted to:

Paul Brandenburger, AAZK President
8476 E Speedway Blvd Suite 204
Tucson, AZ 85710-1728
Job Function

●Monitor membership data in the form of Paypal® receipts and document or create membership orders
●Monitor/answer emails for Board, Member, Chapter, Committee, or outside entity issues or queries
●Administer the AAZK Budget by tracking Board, Committee and Program expenses’
●Pay invoices regarding requests for reimbursements as required
●Perform accounting BFR and TFYM online donations
●Process information via phone or mail to manually enter membership data into the database
●Download, fill and mail AAZK product purchases
●Upload revisions to AAZK website via WordPress®
●Process Certificate of Insurance requests from AAZK Chapter via the Insurance Provider

●Reconcile AAZK Operating and BFR Accounts
●Prepare and execute deposits for each account
●Prepare and execute MS Excel® Spreadsheets documenting BFR and TFYM Accounting
●Prepare and deliver invoices for Animal Keepers’ Forum advertisement
●Prepare and deliver invoices for Institutional and Commercial Memberships
●Prepare and deliver MS Excel® documents for delivery of the Animal Keepers’ Forum
●Generate renewal acknowledgements for renewing members in these categories
●Prepare and deliver AAZK payroll information to the Contract payroll provider
●Generate personal emails to expiring AAZK memberships
●Attend Monthly AAZK Board Meeting and provide knowledge and council to Board on AAZK Policy
●Create or revise policy documents at the direction of the AAZK Board
●Participate in remote Conference or Committee meetings as invited
●Maintain AAZK monthly subscriptions via EFT (Sparkpost, InMotion Web Hosting,®)
●Prepare and deliver Recharter Materials to each AAZK Chapter
●Follow-up on non-responses with Chapters regarding recharter (weekly)
●Document Recharter data on spreadsheets for Annual Report and AKF publication
●Follow-up on incomplete data, errors, non-responses, outstanding payment
●File Chapter taxes with the IRS website in the form of 990N electronic postcard
●Handle all IRS correspondence on behalf of AAZK Chapters
●Prepare and deliver invoices for International Outreach Committee – Emerging Nation Sponsorships
●Track and enter data for each Emerging Nations member renewal or new member information
●Research applicants for AAZK membership in varying categories providing council to the AAZK Board
●Execute payments for AAZK Grants and Awards

●Gather data for filing of federal and state taxes
●Transport files to CPA for tax filing
●File online annual report with the state to maintain corporate status
●Review and update the AAZK Operations Manual (Policy Documents)
●Maintain AAZK product inventory and create potential AAZK products
●Transfer accounting data, chapter data, and donations for Annual Report
●Publish AAZK Annual Report
●Maintain historical AAZK Annual and Midyear Conference Reports
●Gather data and create Annual Conference reports and Midyear AAZK Board Meeting reports
●Maintain AAZK Web Domain address
●Maintain other AAZK subscriptions – Paypal® Square® Constant Contact®

As Needed
●Handle inquiries from the media regarding zoo issues such as keeper/animal conflict, animal escape,
enrichment and training
●Coordinate and administer initial investigation into charges of unethical member conduct and report to
the AAZK Executive Board and consult on empaneling a complete Ethics Hearing under the supervision
of the AAZK Vice President
●Every two (2) years coordinate the nomination, election and notifications for the AAZK Board of
Director elections, a process that is performed digitally via the AAZK website
●As the Administrator for the Google® account, create or delete AAZK email accounts as directed

Future Considerations and Priorities
If warranted, the corporation may require relocation to a central point or to the state where the
Executive Director resides. At that point, AAZK may entertain permanent residence in the state of
incorporation. If/when AAZK is to relocate, then new Banking, Insurance, Payroll provider etc., will have to be opened and funded

Reduce the duties of the Executive Director (and therefore the salary) by hiring a Membership Manager
to handle day-to-day business operations and a Development Director to handle BFR and TFYM
direction and accounting. This action may stabilize the Association while allowing for employees other
than the Membership Manager to work remotely.

Conversion of AAZK financial software to a system that will enable easy generation of invoices for
Institutional, Commercial, Library and Bulk Membership renewal with the ability to link to digital invoice
creation and acceptance of EFT payment with export of data to CPA for Federal and State income tax

Revise and update the AAZK Website with conversion to an updated visual WordPress® editor, allowing
for conversion to Spanish by the user, concentrating on commerce and information while moving all
resources to another platform such as AAZK C.O.R.E.

About the American Association of Zoo Keepers

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Inc. began in 1967 in San Diego, CA with the purpose of promoting professionalism in zoo keeping through education of zoological staff members in the most modern and current techniques of captive exotic animal care. Since then, AAZK has grown exponentially. Membership is currently about 2,500 and includes individuals at all levels of zoo staff from directors, curators and veterinarians to zoo keepers, animal health technicians, volunteers and students. Members are from 48 of the 50 States, 5 Canadian Provinces and 24 foreign countries and represent nearly 250 animal-related facilities. Over 100 AAZK Chapters are registered in the U.S. and Canada.
AAZK publications, conferences, and chapter activities at local zoos provide keepers with a means to exchange ideas and discuss new methods of professional care, observations on animal behavior and other information. Animal Keepers’ Forum, the monthly journal of AAZK, is the principal vehicle for communication among keepers. Other AAZK publications include AAZK National Conference Proceedings, Zoo and Aquarium Professionals and The Resource for Crisis Management in Zoos and Other Animal Care Facilities.
AAZK also has 11 committees and programs which provide ways to promote AAZK and the Zoo Keepers’ role in conservation education, composed of volunteers from within AAZK membership.
Mission Statement
The mission of The American Association of Zoo Keepers is to advance excellence in the animal keeping profession, foster effective communication beneficial to animal care, support deserving conservation projects, and promote the preservation of our natural resources and animal life.

Vision Statement
AAZK will be the leader in the zoo and aquarium industry fostering professional development and personal connections that advance animal care, animal welfare and conservation.

AAZK’s purpose is to foster a professional attitude in animal keepers and aquarists by encouraging them to become active members of professional teams at today’s zoos and aquariums. AAZK supports the promotion and implementation of zookeeper education and strives to make the general public aware of our concern for all deserving conservation projects and the need for the preservation of our natural resources and the species that depend on those resources.

Serving as a professional organization for zookeepers, AAZK is a valuable resource for dedicated animal care workers. AAZK is dedicated to advancing animal care, promoting public awareness, enhancing professional development and contributing to local and global conservation through fundraising and stewardship. Our goal is to inspire and motivate through our roles as animal caregivers, educators and conservationists. Through workshops, conferences, newsletters, and internet forums, AAZK helps animal care staff stay current in husbandry, training, nutrition, and conservation. Well educated keepers using modern techniques means the animals in their care benefit tremendously.