AZA Ungulate TAG Survey

The AZA Ungulate TAG in cooperation with AAZK Members wish to assess keeper knowledge and attitudes about euthanasia for population management reasons. The goal is to understand how keepers feel about euthanasia and how it is integrated with knowledge about population management and sustainability. The information gained from the survey will help animal management professionals better prepare their keepers in addressing sustainability issues.  Click the Link or copy and paste the URL into your Browser.

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This survey should take approximately 40 minutes, and you can complete the survey in multiple sessions. To do so, please use the same browser on your computer the open the survey link each time AND be sure cookies are ENABLED on your computer. If your browser deletes cookies after each session, then you will have to re-start the survey. Only one survey response will be accepted per computer. Your participation in this important exercise is greatly appreciated!!
Bob Cisneros
American Association of Zoo Keepers