Animal Keeping as a Career

“Zoo keeper” is a term used to describe an individual who cares for animals in zoological parks or aquariums, but also encompasses other career titles such as Animal Trainer, Aquarist, Biologist, Aviculturist, Herpetologist, Mammalogist, to name a few. A career as an animal keeper offers a unique opportunity in the specialized and demanding profession of maintaining captive exotic animals for conservation, research, public education and recreation.

Take a quick look at some advice on How to Become an Animal Keeper a fun and informative video by San Diego Zoo Global’s Rick Schwartz.

Video used with permission from San Diego Zoo Global

Zoo keepers care for a diverse collection of animals from mammals and birds to reptiles and amphibians to fish and invertebrates. Some keepers become highly specialized, such as those who work in animal hospitals or who concentrate on a specific group of animals such as exotic birds, great apes, elephants or reptiles.

Let’s take a look at the typical Career Path  to becoming an Animal Keeper.

Still interested in becoming an exotic animal keeper?  This document which will supplement the Career Path and provide a brief entry foundation that will start you on the path to making Animal Keeping your career.

So You Want to be a Keeper, Trainer, or Aquarist?