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Reptile Keeper/Full Time


TGR Exotics Wildlife Park- Spring,TX

Closing Date
February 16, 2023

TGRE is seeking an experienced reptile keeper responsible for snake collection (all non-venomous) and other various tegu, monitors and lizards. The primary purpose of this position is the overall care, health, & maintenance of these animals.
Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
• Proper handling of reptiles and must follow all procedures and protocols (including proper tools and equipment) are used/followed at all times
• Provide proper training to staff and volunteers regarding animal care and safety protocols, such as PHS policies and procedures, proper use of tools and equipment
• Ensure dietary needs are met and feeding schedules are maintained, records are current
• Timely communicate animal health/husbandry concerns
• Assist in education programs when appropriate, provide input regarding animal training programs, assist onsite events
• Ensure positive experience for visitors and offer knowledge and information when applicable or required
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
• Applicants must be in good physical condition, able to lift 50 pounds, and have the physical and emotional stamina to work full days in temperature controlled areas of 80+ degrees. Also, Texas summer heat/humidity.
• Strong written and oral communication skills – Public speaking is a component of this position
• Proficient in basic word processing, excel, record keeping, and general database management
• Advanced knowledge of reptiles, both native and exotic, and their husbandry requirements
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal
• Ability to make decisions thoughtfully, but quickly when necessary
• Professional personal appearance, the ability to work independently and as a team, and pride of one’s work are key qualifications.
Personal Characteristics:
• Ethical and professional behavior and work ethic
• Personable and relatable, to build and maintain positive relationships as well as network
• Creative
• Leadership skills
• Organized
• Problem solver
• Attention to details
•>>MUST<<< 4+ years experience with snake handling, must have experience handling snakes over 12’ and 80+ pounds.

Education and Pre-requisites

Qualifications: High School Diploma
Education: Preferred but not required, Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in a biological sciences, herpetology, or related field

Compensation and benefits

Salary: Negotiable
Compensation based on experience and education – or a combination of the two.
No Medical insurance available, BUT Covered by Worker’s Comp.

Application instructions

Please email resume and references to: