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Maintenance Worker


Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

Closing Date
August 19, 2020

Has secondary responsibility for the maintenance and renovation of the facility. Under the general direction of the Facilities Manager, the Maintenance Worker implements plans, directs, and schedules the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance of the facility and is responsive to safety issues (public and animal) brought to attention by the Animal Curator. Also works under the direction of the Executive Director with respect to exhibit renovation, future expansion, and other special projects.

• Cleans ponds and filters
• Watches for public safety issues
• Clears road and paths of snow, as necessary in winter
• Checks trails for hazards
• Checks solar fence chargers
• Cleans picnic areas and restrooms, and re-stocks restrooms
• Checks trash/recycle containers, and empties as needed

• Waters plants and trees, checks drip irrigation system, fertilize as necessary
• Monitors solar energy systems (3)
• Monitors trash dumpster
• Backflushes pond pump systems and test for function
• Coordinates with work groups on projects as necessary

• Repaints various structures, including cabanas, shed, fences, etc. as needed
• Plan and coordinate construction of new enclosures and landscaping, in coordination with the Lead Keeper, Education Manager, Guest Services Manager, Facilities Manager, Animal Curator, and Executive Director

• In conjunction with Certified Water Operator (CWO) operates the Public Water System (PWS) Insures compliance with State and County PWS permits and requirements
• Daily monitoring of potable (1) and non-potable water tank (3) levels. Starts/stops Booster Pump as necessary
• Every two days (peak water season) samples water for residual chlorine level
• Every two days (peak water season) back-flushes carbon filter and two iron filters
• Submits monthly coliform water sample to Wet Lab for analysis
• Quarterly submits water samples to Wet Lab for analysis
• Yearly submits raw water samples to Wet Lab for analysis
• Keeps log of water usage and water sample results

Additional Responsibilities:
As needed maintains, repairs, constructs, and installs:
• Electric Perimeter Fence
• Benches and picnic areas
• Trash containers
• Hoses, hand, and power tools
• Vehicles, golf carts, quad, generators, tractors, and other equipment
• Trails, fences, and security gates
• Exhibit fences and gates
• Enclosure guillotine gate systems
• Graphics and signage
• Windows, doors, locks
• Weed control and fire breaks
• Animal crates & portable caging
• Sinks and toilets
• Pools, pumps, and filters
• Exhibit modifications
• Grounds maintenance, janitorial and gardening as needed
• Performs related duties as assigned

Education and Pre-requisites

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Must possess a High school diploma
• Ability to perform general repairs and improvements including small engine repair
• Ability to maintain a well based water system and facilitate repairs as needed
• Ability to maintain multiple solar arrays and facilitate minor repairs as needed
• Ability to handle, care for and train a variety of domestic and exotic animals
• Ability to maintain a positive attitude in stressful situations
• Ability to work well with a diverse group of staff, volunteers, and/or educators
• Skilled in general carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and minor electrical
• Skilled in the use of both light and heavy equipment
• Excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills
• Must have good time management and the ability to effectively multi-task
• Computer skills including Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
• Physical demands include balance, standing, kneeling, crouching, walking, reaching, grasping, feeling and finger dexterity.
• Capable of lifting, pushing, and pulling 50 pounds, and handling animal carriers
• Must possess a valid Nevada State driver’s license and maintain insurance
• Red Cross certification in CPR and First Aid

Compensation and benefits

Status: Full time, Non-Exempt, Hourly
Pay Range: $29,120 – $37,500 annually
Direct Report: Facilities Manager (in Manager’s absence, the Executive Director)

Application instructions

Interested parties, please send a cover letter, resume, and three professional references by email to

W.K. Baker, Executive Director
Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary
Reno, Nevada